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Amazon is looking for creators to produce compelling, fun, interest-specific, lifestyle photo content for products they are passionate about! These lifestyle photos will be posted to your Amazon Storefront to inspire consumers to engage with and purchase the products you suggest. 

Amazon Shop by Interest is an onsite experience of shoppable photos, videos, and collections where customers can participate in niche shopping experiences based around the things they love to do. Interest-based micro-stores will be in front of more customers, giving you many ways to maximize your earnings, engage with your audience, and become an expert in your interest.

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What is Amazon Inspire?

The Basic Process

All shoppable photos must have the following: 

  • All photos must be 1x1 or 9x16 

  • All photos must be submitted via your G-Drive and reviewed prior to being uploaded to your Amazon Storefront.

  • All product tags must be an exact match to the product shown. Do not tag visually similar products or additional products than those featured and all products featured should be tagged. These will be rejected by an automated system, so this item is critical to the success of the project.

Requirements Before Applying

  • Content should feel authentic and natural

  • Content should demonstrate the usefulness of products

  • Make sure all content features at least one product and has at least one product tagged!

  • Make your caption short and sweet 

  • Hashtag the correct interest area in your image caption

  • Be innovative with product use. It is not necessary to show product usefulness based on product description.

Guidelines For Success

Application Form

No problem! To find your Google Drive folder, just enter your email address and we'll send you the link to your folder. It should arrive in your email within the next few minutes! Be sure to enter your correct email. This will only work if you've already applied to the main application form below. 

Can't find your Google Drive folder?

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