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Elevate Your Earnings with TikTok Shop

As a TikTok Shop Partner, ATRX Agency assists creators in making the most of this opportunity. Through our knowledge in content creation, audience growth, and performance marketing, we support creators and brands in transforming TikTok followers into customers. TikTok Shop provides brands with an exciting new avenue to connect with consumers and boost sales.

Application Form

Select Brands To Work With

Fill out a form and select the brands you want to work with on TikTok shop and earn commissions.

Schedule A Call

Arrange a one-on-one meeting with one of our team members to receive additional training on TikTok Shop.

How To Set Up TikTok Shop

Discover the process of applying for TikTok Shop directly from your TikTok account and kickstart your journey.

Learn Tips & Tricks

Gain valuable insights and enhance your TikTok Shop growth with helpful tips and tricks presented through training.

TikTok Shop represents a groundbreaking shopping solution that empowers businesses, brands, and content creators to present and sell their products directly within the TikTok platform. This functionality seamlessly integrates into the TikTok experience, encompassing in-feed videos, live streams, and a dedicated product showcase section.

Shopping Solutions

92% of TikTok users said they take action after watching a product in TikTok. Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global, Time Well Spent Custom Research, Kantar, March 2021


47.6 billion views of #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag. Source: TikTok Hashtag, as of March 2023


• To qualify, you must be at least 18 years of age.


• You must have a follower count of 5,000 or higher.


• Additionally, you must be situated within the United States or Canada and hold official registration in your country.

Eligibility Requirements

1. To start your TikTok Shop, select Profile, click upper right corner.

2. Find Creator Tools and select it.

3. Click TikTok Shop for Creators to go to the Self-Apply page.

4. This page serves as a tool to assess your eligibility for TikTok Shop onboarding. In case you don't meet all the criteria, it will clearly indicate which specific requirements you do not fulfill. However, if you meet all the necessary prerequisites, you can simply click the Apply button to initiate your application process.

5. Once approved, click Get Started to experience TikTok selling.

Self-Application Process

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