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  • Can I join if I live outside of the United States or Canada?
    Unfortunately, we are only working with residents of the United States and Canada at this time.
  • Does the agency take a commission or charge a fee?
    No, we do not take any commissions from your TikTok LIVE payouts. We have a separate contract with TikTok where they pay us directly for bringing on and supporting creators like yourself. For brand deals we facilitate on your behalf, we may negotiate a small talent management fee to cover our costs for pitching, negotiating and ensuring everything runs smoothly. However, the vast majority of brand deal earnings go directly to you. We are invested in maximizing the value of every deal so we can continue growing your influencer career together over the long-term. Our goal is to empower creators, not take away from your hard-earned income. We want to see you thrive financially as your audience and opportunities grow. So you can be confident that joining our agency will provide more earning potential, not take away from your bottom line. Let us handle the business side so you can focus on what you do best - making great content.
  • What are the benefits to joining a TikTok Live Agency?
    Joining a TikTok live agency gives creators the support and resources to maximize their potential. ATRX Agency provides guidance on growing your audience, securing brand deals, collaborating with others, and improving your content. We help diversify your opportunities beyond just TikTok live by developing your talents in music, acting, comedy, and more. With our expertise and connections, you can monetize faster and build an influencer career across platforms. We can become your support system to thrive as a full-time creator.
  • What is expected from creators when joining the agency?
    Joining our agency requires your commitment to the craft. We provide support, resources and opportunities to grow your influence. But you drive your success through quality content and engagement. Our team strategizes and makes connections, but you have to put in the work. If you're dedicated to developing your brand, we'll ensure you have the tools to get to the next level. Bring your talent and determination, and we'll help maximize your potential.
  • Do I have to sign a contract to join your agency?
    No. You do not have to sign a contract. There's no obligation required. All you have to do is accept us as your agency through your TikTok account once you've been approved. You can drop us as your agency at any time. We'll be bummed if you do :)
  • Does ATRX Agency have a direct relationship with TikTok Live?
    Yes! We do. We work directly with TikTok. They must approve you to become part of our agency too. We'll manage all of that for you after you apply. And if you become part of the agency, you'll even have opportunities to visit TikTok HQ as part of some of the events that we put together for our creators.
  • Are their any restrictions that will prevent me from joining the agency?
    We follow TikTok's Community Guidelines and so would you. We want to keep a healthy environment for our community and their fan base.
  • How involved is the agency with it's creators?
    Accessibility is a big thing for us. We want you to have access to anyone at the agency and ask any question that you'd like.
  • What are the requirements for joining ATRX Agency?
    Currently, you must have between 1k - 200k followers and you must not have made more than 300k diamonds. If you're sitting under 1k followers, be sure to come back and reapply when you've hit that goal. If you're over 200k followers, we can still work with you on securing brand deals as well as other programs like TikTok Shop. Just continue to fill out our application and it will guide you to our Influencer Form.

It's 100% FREE - No commitment required


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