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Multi-Box Game Show

We'll be broadcasting live from our @atrxagency page on TikTok! This unique multi-box game show is our way to celebrate the astounding achievements of our TikTok LIVE creators.

Join us on March 11th for an enthralling live event. Each number on our board hides an extraordinary LIVE gift, ranging from whimsical hand hearts to mesmerizing TikTok universes.

This event is more than a game show; it's a salute to your commitment and extraordinary efforts on TikTok LIVE. Don't miss the chance to finish the month with a bang and win amazing gifts! 

Every Tier Creator Can Participate!


Qualification Requirements

To participate, ensure you meet the following criteria between February 1st, 2024 - February 29th, 2024.

Be sure to complete your goals by 9:59PM EST.

1. Complete a minimum of 50 hours of live streaming.

2. Go live on 16 different days.

3. Earn over 350k diamonds for the month of Feb.

350k - 1M Diamonds = 1 Pick

1M+ Diamonds = 2 Picks
2M+ Diamonds = 4 Picks
4M+ Diamonds = 6 Picks
8M+ Diamonds = 9 Picks

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