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Join us for The Holiday Diamond Dash Starting December 10th, 2023!

🎁 Total prizes worth 150k Diamonds and TikTok and ATRX Merchandise! Who will be the last creators standing?

🌟 Pros vs Pros - 1x1

  • 1st and 2nd place winners each receive 50k Diamonds.

  • 3rd place takes home 20k Diamonds.


🌟 Rookies vs Rookies - 1x1

  • 1st place wins 20k Diamonds.

  • 2nd place secures 10k Diamonds.

Everyone has an equal shot at victory!

📜 The Rules:

  • Compete in a 2 out of 3 match with each creator in your Tier, including pros vs. pros and rookies vs. rookies.

  • Schedule matches at your convenience before the deadline on Dec. 31st.


📸 Remember, screenshots at the end of each round are mandatory. Winners will be determined based on the number of diamonds earned, not just the number of matches won.

Application Form

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