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7 TikTok Video Ideas for When You’re Feeling Stuck

Sometimes creating content for social media can feel a little bit like you’re running on a hamster wheel. It’s hard to continuously come up with new TikTok video ideas that are fresh, interesting, and viral-worthy.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve rounded up some fun and exciting video ideas that’ll help liven up your content and get you back in your groove.

7 TikTok video ideas to add to your rotation


Sticking to a theme in line with the seasons is a great way to create timely and engaging content. Try things like:

Spring cleaning: Think organizing tips and hacks, closet clean outs, or satisfying deep clean videos.

Garden glow-ups: Try planting and lawn care tips or balcony and outdoor space makeovers.

Food: From Summer salads to Winter warmers, cook up some recipes based on seasonal ingredients. 

Fashion and beauty: Seasonal OOTD videos, holy grail fashion or makeup products, and shopping hauls of pieces for the new season are all great options.



ASMR exploded in popularity about five years ago, and there’s still a devoted corner of TikTok that loves this type of content. Even if you don't normally make ASMR videos, making videos that highlight the sounds of what you're doing can be a great way to shake up your TikTok feed.If you have a microphone – even just one built into your earphones – use it to get a sharper sound.

Some ideas for videos incorporating ASMR:

👩‍🍳 Cooking (sizzling and chopping!)📦 “Pack an order with me” video for a small business✏️ Drawing or painting, and hearing the scratch of a pencil or squeak of a marker🍃 Going for a walk, with the sounds of birds and rustling leaves



TikTok’s green screen feature is so easy to use and it’s a quick way to spice up your content. Use it to enhance skits, show off something funny you’ve found online, help you teach your viewers something, or review a product. 

Remember: When using the green screen feature, hit the ‘plus’ to create a new video, tap the ‘effects’ button, and scroll over to ‘green screen’. There are a ton of options you can play with here. The default is the simplest green screen effect, which will bring up your camera roll so you can choose the background image you’d like to use.

You'll see yourself pop up on top of the green screen image, and you can zoom in and out on your face to make it bigger or smaller. Hold the record button to start filming, and that’s it!

Note: To use multiple images, stop filming, select a new image, and repeat the process. 


Leaning into trends will always be a successful tactic when creating content for TikTok. If you’re trying to grow your reach, spend some time each day scrolling through your FYP. Before long, you’ll have a good idea of the songs, formats, and filters that are currently trending. We know the TikTok algorithm rewards everyone who embraces trends, so consider how to utilise new trends to complement your existing content plan. 

Pro Tip: Head over to the TikTok Creative Center for another easy way to stay on top of trending hashtags, songs, creators and videos.



TikTok shouldn't be a one-way street. In fact, the one thing in common among all successful TikTok creators is they’ve built up relationships with their audience. Find ways to involve your followers in your content and in return they’ll be loyal to your journey. Plus, the more comments and engagement your TikToks get, the more likely they'll be favored by the algorithm.

Some video formats that encourage engagement include:

• Q&As

• A poll to vote on something relevant to your channel

• Reply to comments

• Having your followers pick your outfit or what you cook for a week

• Asking for movie, music, or book recommendations



If your videos fall into a specific TikTok category, try branching out and looking at different niches for ideas. Who knows, you might find your new favorite hobby and unlock a whole new side of the app for yourself! Go searching through:



Working with brands is a great way to shake up your content and open yourself up to new audiences at the same time. The best part? You don’t have to be a mega-influencer to work with brands. In fact, many brands choose to work with micro-influencers that have a following under 10k.

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