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Top 99

Stay in the top 99 from 8 AM to 11:59 PM PST for a minimum of 5 hours and receive 25,000 Diamonds.

Top 50

Maintain top 50 status for a minimum of 3 hours within the same timeframe to earn 50,000 Diamonds.

Top 25

Secure a spot in the top 25 for at least 2 hours and receive 75,000 Diamonds.

Top 20

Stay in the top 20 for a minimum of 2 hours and be rewarded with 100,000 Diamonds.

Daily Ranks Challenge

Top 99

Remain in the top 99 for at least 5 hours to earn 5000 Diamonds.

Top 50

Secure a top 50 rank for a minimum of 3 hours to receive 10,000 Diamonds.

Top 20

Stay in the top 20 for at least 2 hours and get 15,000 Diamonds.

Top 10

Maintain a top 10 position for a minimum of 2 hours and earn 20,000 Diamonds.

The Popular Live Category

For Creators with 500,000 or Fewer Diamonds Earned in the Last 30 Days

Join us April 27th -30th  (pick your day) where we aim high in the US Daily Live ranks! These days are all about shining a spotlight on you, our creative community.


To make it even better, we're giving away over 500,000 diamonds to help you on your creative journey.

Make sure to sign-up and you must take screenshots when you reach ranks and then you MUST send the screenshots via text or email so that we can hop on your live to gift you.

This event is perfect for everyone, whether you've been creating content for a long time or you're just starting out. It's not just about competing; it's about showing the world what you've got, connecting with other creators, and getting recognized for your hard work.

We at ATRX are here for you beyond just these three days. We're here to support you, celebrate your wins, and help you grow. Picture this: seeing your name rise in the ranks, connecting with more fans, and achieving your goals.

So, mark April 27th--30th on your calendar and get ready. We're excited to see what you'll bring to the table. Let's make these three days count and end the month on a high note with ATRX!

We're Giving Away 500k Diamonds!

Application Form

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