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Unleash Your Inner Warrior at SlugFest2024!

Gear up for the ultimate showdown at Match Battle SlugFest 2024, where Survivor meets raw determination!

Sign up: March 1st - March 9th Begins: March 12th

Semifinals and Finals in Dallas, Texas: April 23-27

Who will emerge victorious from the virtual island and secure a spot in the heart-pounding Semifinals in Dallas?

Navigate through the treacherous pit of snakes and backstabbers – who can you truly trust in this adrenaline-fueled competition?

Has someone in your community stirred up enough trouble to bring you down?

Prepare for the clash of big personalities in this epic battle where alliances will be tested and rivalries forged.

In the Lone Star State, everything's bigger – including the stakes!

Engage in intense 2x2 and 1x1 battles – will your opponents be friends, foes, or simply a means to an end?

Conquer Survivor challenges, solve mind-bending riddles for bonus points, and stay ahead of the game – but beware, this tournament separates the strong from the weak.

To claim victory, you must be a master strategist, sharp-minded, and relentlessly resourceful.


Ultimate Prizes Await:

  • $10,000 Cash Prize

  • Airfare and Lodging to Content Week in Dallas, TX (April 23-27)

Join us for an unforgettable SlugFest2024 experience – are you ready to dominate?


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